Making Your Relationship Work When Going Long Distance For Your Career

Heaven, this is a great question because for many of us, our life and career plans don’t always align geographically with our partner’s; and the decision to move away from them to advance our career isn’t an easy one to make.

Invite Your Partner Into Your Decision Making Process

The first thing I’d suggest is to invite your partner into your decision making process. When thinking about our careers, it’s easy to think in terms of what “I” want to do. What opportunities are best for “ME” and “MY” career.

However, once you’re in a committed relationship, the choices you make about your career no longer just affect you; especially when that means you’re considering going long distance.

So you have to ask their thoughts and opinions about what opportunities lie ahead and what that means for the relationship. Doing so will bring up some concerns you might not have thought about otherwise, but it’s always better to deal with those sooner than later.

Are You Open To Considering Their Suggestions?

Which leads to my question for you: Are you open to considering their suggestions?

Sometimes, we open up certain conversations with our partner, but the reality is, we’ve already made up our mind. Which only leads to problems because we don’t really want to take their point of view into consideration.

Then they just end up feeling disrespected for not having any say in how the relationship moves forward.

It’s really a matter of adjusting the mindset from “my plans” to “our plans” and finding a way forward that works best for the both of you.

Address Your Expectations for Closing the Distance Gap

Next, it’s important to address your expectations for how you’ll eventually close the distance gap. Having an idea of what you’re both working towards is important.

Is this opportunity a 6-month stint after which you’ll return back home?

Is it long-term and you expect your partner to move to wherever you end up?

Is it indefinite and you plan to make the next move based on whatever happens a year from now?

Addressing those expectations gives you something to look forward to. A big part of what makes a long distance relationship work is the anticipation for when you’ll be back together again.

So have this conversation early and revisit it as things change. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you going when things get tough.

Ask How You Can Support Each Other

Lastly, ask how you can support each other through this next season of your lives. Some people handle distance better than others and it’s not always easy. Having a supportive and understanding partner goes a long way to making sure it lasts.

For some more tips on how to make it work once you’re in a long distance relationship, check out my recent video on this topic by clicking here.

So, I want to hear your thoughts. If you or your partner were considering going long distance for your career, what would your concerns be? What would you need to make sure was addressed?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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