8 Questions You & Your Mate Should Consider Before The New Year

NewYearsIt’s that time of year again. If you haven’t already been spending time over the past few weeks or months reflecting on the past year, now’s the time. But for a lot of us, we’re so busy thinking through our personal achievements and goals, we forget to consider our relationship. And it's a great time as any to review what's gone right and what's gone wrong.

So here are a few questions for you and your mate to mull over as we make the transition into the new year:

  1. What were our best moments of 2014 and how can we continue to bring those kinds of moments into our next year?
  2. In what ways did our relationship grow in the past year?
  3. How can we support and hold each other accountable to our personal goals for the next year?
  4. What’s working well in our relationship and what are we doing to make sure it stays that way?
  5. What issues are weighing us down that we need to address?
  6. What’s our plan of action to address those issues?
  7. What do we need to forgive each other for?
  8. How can we be more proactive an intentional about making 2015 a better year for us?

As you move into this next year, remember to learn from your past, make the most of your present and be intentional about how you create your future!