We Review The 5 Love Languages and Discover Our Own

What is a love language? Essentially, it's the way each of us gives and receives love in our relationship.

If you don't know your partner's love language and they don't know yours, you might be trying to love each other in the way you want to feel loved, but not in the way they actually feel loved.

This is why Zaz and I went ahead and put together this video for you.

The 5 Love Languages is way more than just a book, so we spend the first half of the video going through the different ways you can find your love language and apply the concept to your relationship.

We also spent the second half of the video discussing our own experiences with it and how our relationship has changed after trying it.

Here's a breakdown of what we cover in our review [with links to each resource]:

What Are The 5 Love Languages?

Who Is Gary Chapman?

The Profile [aka The Quiz]: To take the quiz, click here.

The App: To download the app, click here [for iPhone]  /  [for Android]

The Book: To purchase your copy, click here.

The Study Guide: To download, click here.

The Devotional: To acces, click here [For Him]  /  [For Her]

The Love Coupons: To download, click here.

Our Love Languages

Our Tips For You

Do's and Don'ts For Speaking Your Partner's Love Language [Cheat Sheet]: To download, click here.

Bottom line, we believe every couple could benefit from reading and applying this concept to their relationship.

It's helped us make our efforts to love each other more focused and intentional, which has made both of our lives a whole lot easier!

Have you found out what your love languages are? If so, leave us a comment and let us know!