About Jay, The Guy

Some know me as the guy who hosts cool date night events for couples. Others know me as the relationship coach who somehow transitioned into doing so after years of practicing architecture. Either way, I’m glad you’re here!

My wife Zaz and I were married in December 2010 have been enjoying our life here in Harlem, NYC ever since.

We’ve built a life together around love, faith and purpose.

The three things I enjoy the most are peanut butter, the arts [specifically architecture, hip hop and surrealist painting] and grilling up a good steak!

About Jay, The Relationship Coach

Before we said “I Do”, we wanted to make sure we were prepared for what’s ahead, so we sought out counseling.

The struggle of finding options that catered to our unique experiences as millennials, plus my “preventive maintenance” approach to long-term commitment is what drove my choice to focus on working with unmarried, millennial couples as a relationship coach.


Given my background in architecture, it was only appropriate to start a relationship studio, because studios are where we go to break problems down, study them and think outside the box to come up with solutions that work. As a coach, that’s exactly what I do with couples.

In making my transition from one practice to the other, I chose to train at IPEC [the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching] and received my professional certification there, due to them being one of the handful of coaching programs accredited by the International Coach Federation.

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