Private Coaching Options for Couples

**If you’re interested in pursuing relationship coaching as an individual, click here for options that will meet your needs.

1. Jump Start Session

Jump Start is an absolutely no-cost, no-commitment session for you to determine if coaching is a good fit for you, and for me to determine how I can best serve you. It’ll only take 20 minutes of your time and will be conducted via Skype.

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2. Monthly Private Coaching

Great for couples who need help with a specific issue. This coaching package includes [2] 75-minute joint session and [2] 40-minute individual sessions. It is also my most popular package for couples.

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3. 3-Month Private Coaching

This course was developed as the solution to the fact that most couples I work with have the same exact communication issues. Why commit to private coaching when you can get all the tools and strategies you need at your own pace and convenience?

It’s perfect for couples who want to push past the frustration of not feeling heard and understood or the bickering and arguing in their relationship. Go here for more information on how this course can be a good option for you and your partner.

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4. Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts [SYMBIS]

Ideal for engaged couples, couples who are ready to move in together or start a family, or couples who just want to prepare themselves for that next big step in there commitment by learning tools and skills they need to tackle the inevitable challenges every relationship brings.

This package includes the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool, SYMBIS, plus [4-6] 60-minute joint sessions.

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